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FBI İnternet Suçları Raporu 2020

FBI Internet Crimes Report 2020

According to the “Internet Crime Report 2020” prepared by the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center, crimes committed over the internet have reached a historical peak in the USA. The number and value of crimes committed online since 2016 are as follows:

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sKILLS (Incompetence Kills)

The knowledge, skills and experiences that employees have or may have for working life are very important. Employees can be as successful as the knowledge, skills, and experience they have or may have. Companies can…

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If You Whistle We Are There!

After Greek Prime Minister Karamanlis and Chinese President Hu Jintao made agreements on many issues including “maritime transportation” in Beijing on January 20, 2006 (1) COSCO signed an agreement to operate the Port of Piraeus…

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