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Geography is Destiny

The phrase “Geography is Destiny” attributed to Ibn-i Khaldun is to explain the reason for the development level of countries and people living in these countries (unfortunately, their inability to advance and even fall behind), and to explain the sociological...

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Global Unicorn Enterprises

Unicorn, known as a mythical creature, has been one of the concepts we frequently encounter in the entrepreneurship world. In fact, the Unicorn enterprise is one that has reached a billion-dollar valuation. Companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google, which were...

TIRPORT Insights Makaleler

Now Is the Time

Companies prepare “plans” in which they write down the goals they want to achieve, but “planning” that answers to the 5W1H questions, necessary to realize the “plans” and more precisely, to achieve their goals, cannot be implemented correctly. The plans can only be...


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