Road Transport Weekly Density Map

Transport is carried out with 90% of highways in Turkey. Approximately 850 thousand trucks registered for traffic are on the roads. A truck takes an average of 300 km per day. it travels and about 450 thousand trucks are loaded every day.

More than 4 thousand export load carrying trucks exits from various border gates of Turkey, which has 50,5% of its export to European countries each day.

The axis where the busiest road traffic takes place is between Istanbul and Ankara. This is followed by Ankara-Adana, Bursa-Istanbul, Istanbul-Izmir, Mersin-Adana, Antalya-Mersin, Antalya-Istanbul, Çanakkale-Balıkesir, Konya-Ankara, Konya-Adana, Samsun-Trabzon, Çorum-Samsun, Adana-Gaziantep axes. .

The most intense truck traffic occurs between Gebze-Kocaeli in Turkey. This line is followed by Adana-Mersin, Tarsus-Adana, Gebze-İstanbul, Ankara-Polatlı, Nilüfer-Gemlik, Bursa-Balıkesir, Çorlu-İstanbul, Çumra-Konya lines.

TIRPORT Insights will be sharing the current period transportation reports of the General Directorate of Highways, combined with live transportaion data from TIRPORT’s resources with you.