Number of SMEs in Group H

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The number of enterprises in the fields of “Group-H”(Transportation & Warehousing) and (Logistics excluding passenger & public) is not improved as much as other enterprises in Turkey.

The number of all enterprises in Turkey increased %22,7 in 2019 compared to 2009. In the same period, increase in “Transportation & Warehousing” and “Logistics excluding passenger & public” stayed at %7,68 and %7,10.

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For other data that may be related to this statistic, you can refer to the page %22Share of enterprises related to the field of logistics.%22

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  • TURKSTAT, Annual Statistics About Service and Industry, 2019
  • Group H : Transportation and Warehousing
  • Group H-49.20 : Freight rail transport
  • Group H-49.41 : Freight transport by road
  • Group H-50.20 : Sea and coastal freight water transport
  • Group H-51.21 : Freight air transport
  • Group H-52.10 : Warehousing and storage
  • Group H-52.24 : Cargo handling
  • Group H-52.29 : Other transportation support activities
  • Group H-53 : Postal and courier activities
  • Group H (Logistics & Freight) : 49.20 + 49.41 + 50.20 + 51.21 + 52.10 + 52.24 + 52.29 + 53
  • 52.29 ( Other transportation support activities.) “52.21”, “52.22” and “52.23”, were excluded due to lack of data and most of the existing data being related to the passenger.
  • 52.21- Service activities incidental to land transportation: Most of them are about passenger and vehicle towing. Only 52.21.90-Other Services about Land shipping is related to “Logistics excluding passenger & public” (truck terminal administration included) But the exact number of it is unknown.
  • 52.22- Service activities incidental to water transportation: Only 52.22.06-Administration of ports and sea lines concerning sea line transportation (administration of ports, piers, dockyards, waterways, sea terminals etc.) (excluding the administration of lighthouses etc.) is related to “Logistics excluding passenger & public” But the exact number of it is unknown.
  • 52.23- Service activities incidental to air transportation : Only 52.23.03-Airports ground services operations (excluding Cargo and baggage loading services) is related to “Logistics excluding passenger & public” But the exact number of it is unknown.
  • Number of enterprises: It is the number of all companies operating in sectors and active during the reference period.