According to the “Logistics Sector 2020” report published by UTIKAD, the Transportation and Telecommunications sector takes the largest share in the total investment plan in 2020 when public investments in Turkey are examined in the last 5 years.

The negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic, which marked the year 2020, are felt
global logistics sector is one of the sectors. Manufacturing activities in China
stopping and slowing has put unprecedented pressure on the China-focused global supply-demand balance. While the demands of the world economies and target markets are predictable and plannable thanks to the global supply chain, which previously worked relatively smoothly in terms of raw material supply, the coronavirus pandemic has brought


uncertainty is the supply chain’s supply chain for manufacturers, distributors, buyers, logistics service providers, warehousers, etc. due to delayed shipments, rising logistical costs and delays in financial settlements, it has faced a difficult process to predict and plan.

Ready-to-wear, electronics, personal care, cosmetics, etc. In addition to the sectors, the food sector has started to gain a place in the e-commerce market with the coronavirus pandemic.

The number of flights reduced by shipowners due to the contraction in China’s exports
failure to meet container demands of exporters in other parts of the world
it’s been an important factor. Spot freight pricing for the 40-container averaged $5,340.30 on January 21. This is an increase of 198% compared to a year ago.

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