Outlook of E-Commerce in Turkey Report

The Outlook of E-Commerce in Turkey Report has been published by the e-commerce Information Platform.

Noteworthy headlines from the report are listed as follows:

  • In 2023, Turkey’s e-commerce volume reached 1.85 trillion Turkish lira ($77.89 billion), an increase of 115.15% compared to the previous year.
  • The number of transactions increased by 22.25% to 5.87 billion units.
  • For 2024, e-commerce volume is expected to be 3.4 trillion Turkish lira and the number of transactions is expected to be 6.67 billion.
  • The ratio of e-commerce to general trade volume increased from 10.1% in 2019 to 20.3% in 2023. The share of e-commerce in GDP reached 6.8%.
  • 51% of the e-commerce volume consisted of goods and 49% of service trade.
  • The largest share was taken by white goods and small household appliances.
  • Istanbul stood out as the city most compatible with e-commerce.
  • The number of businesses engaged in e-commerce across Turkey reached 559,412, and the number of businesses operating in marketplaces approached 540 thousand.
  • 76% of e-commerce businesses are sole proprietorships, 21% are limited companies, and 3% are joint stock companies.
  • 70.5% of e-commerce business owners are men and 29.5% are women.
  • The busiest period for transaction volume was November.
  • Mobile applications have a high preference rate, 91% and 80% of the number and volume of transactions were made from mobile applications.
  • Average cargo delivery time is 46.2 hours.
  • Most cargo shipments and receipts took place in Istanbul.
  • The best-selling products were in the clothing, electronics and white goods sectors.
Outlook of E-Commerce in Turkey Report

You can access the entire report at www.eticaret.gov.tr .