Development of Turkey’s Logistics in Global Competition

The “Global Competitiveness” report prepared by the World Economic Forum (WEF) examines the level of competitiveness of countries in 12 criteria and under the heading “Transportation Infrastructure”, one of these criteria, Turkey increased its score in the “Liner Shipping Connectivity” index from 57.2 to 59.7 in 2019 compared to 2018. 22. and lagged behind other countries.

Turkey increased its “Road Connectivity” index by 6.2 points from 80.9 in 2018, and despite the increase in points, it was 27th. 34th in the world. has fallen into line. Turkey, whose “Railroad Density” score remained stable at 32.2, fell 1 place to 32nd place in 2019. ranked in the order. In 2018, it was 14th in the field of “Air Connectivity”, with a score of 94.9. Turkey, which is in line, maintained both its score and its rank in 2019.

  • Liner Shipping Connectivity Index: An index that shows how integrated countries are into global networks in shipping. It is calculated through five areas of the maritime transport sector: the number of ships, container carrying capacities, maximum ship size, number of services and the number of companies distributing shipping vessels to the ports of the country.
  • Railroad Density: The amount of rail network falling over an area of 1000 km2
  • Road Connectivity: The average speed and brevity of a driving route connecting 10 or more metropolitan areas, accounting for at least 15% of the total economy.
  • Air Connectivity: An indicator of the density of a network and its capacity to move passengers.
Development of Turkey’s Logistics in Global Competition