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Companies in the Group H business line in Istanbul mostly use “TIR” and “Pickup Trucks”.

While companies in Group H business line in Istanbul use “TIR” and “Pickup Trucks” the most, “Pickup Trucks” and “Panelvans” are used the most in Istanbul.

It is seen that relatively smaller vehicles carry out more load carrying operations in terms of numerical density.

“Pickup Trucks” are used in all sectors with close intensity and at a high level.

%22TIR%22 and %22Truck%22 cargo transport vehicles are used quite a lot in the %22Group H%22, %22Construction%22 and %22Manufacturing%22 sectors.

Source : Istanbul Logistics Master Plan, Company Interviews Field Research Synthesis Report, 01 January 2017


  • For the “Company Interviews” held within the scope of the Istanbul Logistics Master Plan, data were obtained from 45,815 companies (45,055 questionnaires and the rest were face-to-face interviews).
  • Group H : Transport and Storage

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