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The vast majority of vehicles of 8 years old and over make up the majority of the total Vehicle-KM.

The ratio of vehicles aged 8 and over, which made 45.65% of the total Vehicle-KM in 2018, is 58.32%.

In 2018, 57.07% of the trucks “12 years old and over” were 35.96% of the Vehicle-KM of all trucks.

In 2018, 39.73% of “12 years old and over” LCV (Light commercial vehicle) were 24.51% of Vehicle-KM of all LCV (Light commercial vehicle).

In 2018, 45.27% of all vehicles “age 12 and over” were 31.43% of the total Vehicle-KM of all vehicles.

LCV (Light commercial vehicle) and trucks over 8 years old make up 15.13% of the total vehicle-KM. This rate is 8.90% for LCV (Light commercial vehicle) and 6.23% for trucks.

Shares in Total Vehicle KM

  LCV (Light commercial vehicle) Truck Total
0-3 Age Total Vehicle KM / Total Vehicle KM 6,17% 2,56% 8,74%
4-7 Age Total Vehicle KM / Total Vehicle KM 5,57% 2,99% 8,56%
8-11 Age Total Vehicle KM / Total Vehicle KM 3,84% 1,99% 5,83%
12 Years and Over Total Vehicle KM / Total Vehicle KM 5,06% 4,24% 9,30%
8 Years and Under Total Vehicle KM / Total Vehicle KM 11,74% 5,55% 17,30%
8 Years and Over Total Vehicle KM / / Total Vehicle KM 8,90% 6,23% 15,13%

For other data that may be related to this statistic, you can refer to the page “Vehicle Age Group”

Source: TUIK Vehicle-kilometer Statistics-2018, Vehicle-kilometer by vehicle type and age groups

  • KM: Kilometers
  • The number of “Total Vehicles” in 2018 is 22,865,921 (cars, minibuses, buses, LCV, trucks, trucks and motorcycles, special purpose vehicles and tractors) van, truck and motorcycle ”is calculated by TURKSTAT excluding“ Special purpose vehicles (63,359) and tractors (1,885,952).
  • Vehicle-km: It is the traffic measurement unit obtained by the movement of a motor land vehicle at a distance of one kilometer.
  • LCV (Light commercial vehicle): It is a motor vehicle that has a maximum allowable laden weight not exceeding 3500 kg and is designed to carry loads.
  • Truck: It is a motor vehicle with a maximum allowable laden weight of more than 3500 kg and manufactured to carry loads.
  • Tow Truck: It is a non-load-bearing motor vehicle designed for towing trailers and semi-trailers.

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