The Challenges About the Digitization of the Logistics Industry

The most important challenge for digitalization in the logistics sector is the lack of “capable human resources”.

According to the survey “Trends and Expectations in the Logistics Industry 2019” study conducted in UTIKAD, “capable human resources” were shown as the most important “challenge”.

Similarly according to TSI’s survey “ICT Usage Survey in Enterprises, 2014-2020” in 2019, rate of enterprises “hiring or looking for IT professionals” is 4,97%. 40,98% of them struggled. The rates are respectively 3,48% and 44,96% for enterprises with “10-49 employees” and 9,50% and 33,96% for enterprises with “49-250 employees” lastly 27,70% and 38,01% for enterprises with “more than 250 employees”

Also, attention should be paid to the difficulty of “Financing”. This difficulty will be a major problem for “small” and micro “companies in Group H (especially Group H-49.41). Without these companies, there may be difficulties in “digitalization” efforts in the supply chain. Because Group H generally consists of companies of this size and generally receives service from these companies.

On the other hand, “Senior Management Support”, which is seen as the “lowest difficulty”, should actually be seen as one of the most important challenges.

The Challenges about the Digitization of the Logistics Industry

Obstacles for the applicability of digitalization
Lack of trained human resources 57,78%
Struggle of appliance 40,00%
Funding 35,56%
Business methods and profile 35,56%
Lack of support of higher management 6,67%

Group H: Transportation and Warehousing
Group H-49.41: Freight transport by road