Share of Original Units in Energy Consumption by Type of Transportation

Petroleum products are consumed the most in transportation with 98.85%.

Taşımacılık İçinde TEP (Bin Ton)

2010 2018
Toplam Taşımacılık 16.096,07 28.147,56
Toplam Taşımacılık - Petrol 15.992,00 27.824,41
Toplam Taşımacılık - Doğal Gaz 64,35 76,16
Toplam Taşımacılık - Elektrik 33,53 88,03
Toplam Taşımacılık - Biyo enerji 6,20 158,95

Source: Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, General Directorate of Energy Affairs, Balance Sheets

Pipelines are excluded.
Thousand TEP (Thousand Tons of Oil Equivalent): Petroleum and (Ton conversion of Natural Gas + Electricity + BioEnergy to oil)