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More “Truck-KM” and “KRCR-KM” are being built on the state road.

In the 2004-2020 period, especially since 2017, %22Truck-KM and KRÇR-KM%22, which have been built on %22state road%22 and %22highway%22, has a decreasing trend.

Although there is no data for 2018, 2019 and 2020, the %22Truck-KM and KRCR-KM%22 made on the %22provincial road%22 showed an increasing trend.

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For other data that may be related to this data, you can refer to the Number of Trucks and Truck KM , Regional Vehicle-KM and TON-Km for Freight Vehicles, Vehicle Km for Freight Vehicles , Road Based Km for Truck and Road Based Km for Truck Trailer and Tractor .


Source: KGM, Traffic and Transportation Information, Annual Average Daily Traffic Values and Transportation Information by Traffic Zones of Highways and State Roads


  • Vehicle-Km ( x 1.000.000 ) : It is the traffic measurement unit obtained by the movement of a motor land vehicle at a distance of one kilometer.
  • KR+ÇR= Truck+ Trailer and Tractor+Semi- Trailer ( Tractor: Non load-bearing motor vehicle manufactured to pull trailers and semi-trailers)
  • K= Truck ( Truck: motor vehicle with a maximum permissible laden weight of more than 3500 kg and built for carrying loads)
  • There is no %22provincial road%22 data for 2018 and 2019.
  • Provincial Roads: The background is white, the letters are black. Roads connecting towns are called
  • State Road: The background is blue, the texts are white. It is the road that connects the provinces. The main roads in Turkey are state roads.
  • Motorway (German highway, English motorway ): The background is green, the inscriptions are white. The road can only be entered and exited via crossroads. There are highway start and end signs at the beginning and end of the road. It is not possible to enter from the adjacent fields.

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