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In Group H, especially in Group H-52.10, the number of people “who had an occupational accident” is increasing.

Although the necessary practices for “work safety” are required in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, the number of people who “had an occupational accident” is increasing throughout Turkey and in Group H, especially in Group H-52.10, in the 2013-2020 period.

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Source: SGK, Statistical Yearbooks (2013-2020) – 4/A Insured Occupational Accident

  • Group H: Transport and Storage
  • Group H-49.20 : Freight transport by rail
  • Group H-49.41: Freight transport by road
  • Group H-50.20: Freight transport by water
  • Group H-51.20: Freight transport by air
  • Group H-52.10: Storage and warehousing
  • Group H-53: Postal and courier activities
  • Group H (Logistics): Group H-49.20, Group H-49.41, Group H-50.20, Group H-51.20, Group H-52.10, Group H-53
  • Work accident: While the insured is at the workplace; out of the workplace due to the work carried out by the employer or due to his duty, if the insured works independently on his own behalf and account; in the time spent without performing his/her main job due to the fact that the insured working for an employer is sent to another place outside the workplace as an official; during the time allocated for breastfeeding woman insured to give milk to her child; It is an event that occurs during the insured’s travel to and from the place where the work is done with a vehicle provided by the employer, and that makes the insured immediately or later physically or mentally disabled. (Article 13 of Law No. 5510)

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