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The number of ships using the Dardanelles does not change much.

The number of ships using the Dardanelles Strait in the period of 2006-2020 is around 40,000 and does not change much.

For other data that may be relevant to this data, the Number of Ships Passing the Bosphorus you can see the page.


Source : TR Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Turkish Straits Ship Passing Statistics

  • H – Transport and Storage
  • Data Access Date : April 10, 2021
  • TTA : Unspecified Tanker
  • TCH : Chemical Cargo Tanker
  • LPG – LNG : Gas Tanker
  • Other : Barc, Cement, Ferry, Passenger, Tugboat, Other
  • Count : Container Ship
  • The word “Pass” should not be used for the Dardanelles Strait. Because “Canakkale is Impenetrable”

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