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10% of the %22150 GT and above%22 ships in the Turkish Maritime Fleet are %22Dry Cargo%22 ships.

The share of “Dry Cargo” vessels among “150 GT and above” vessels in the Turkish Maritime Fleet for 2020 is 10.47%. This rate was 15.94% in 2016.

In the period of 2016-2020, the number of especially %22load-purpose%22 ships in the Turkish Maritime Fleet and their share in the total fleet are decreasing.

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For other data that may be related to this data, you can refer to the 150 GT and Over Ships by Ship Types in the Turkish Maritime Fleet .


Source : General Directorate of Maritime Affairs-Department of Maritime Trade Development, Fleet Statistics , DWT and Number Development of Turkish Maritime Fleet by Ship Types (150GT and Over Ships), 2016-2020

For detailed information about ship types, you can refer to https://armatorlerbirligi.org.tr/gemi-tipleri .

Gros Tons (GRT / GT): It is the volume in cubic meters below the main deck and the enclosed spaces above the main deck. For detailed information, see https://armatorlerbirligi.org.tr/hacim-ve-agirliklar .

In its total number, %22Passenger Ships%22, %22Ferry (Passenger-Car-Dry Cargo)%22, %22City Lines Sea Bus – Passenger Only%22, %22City Lines Sea Bus-Passenger/Vehicle%22, %22Passenger Engines%22, %22Recreational Passenger%22 Ships – Passenger Only”, “Recreational Passenger Ships-Passenger / Vehicle”, “Fishing Vessels”, “Tugboat”, “Service Ships”, “Scientific Research Vessels”, “Sea Vehicles”, “Floating Dock / Crane”, “ Commercial Yacht”, “Private Yacht” are included.

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