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43% of Group H innovated for “Market” and 87% for “Venture”.

In Group H, 86.87% of the enterprises that innovated “product” (10.46%) innovated for “Venture” and 43.46% for “Market”.

Grup H'de Yeni veya İyileştirilmiş Ürünlerin Pazardaki Durumu (2016 - 2018)

2016 - 2018 2018 - 2020
Yeni veya iyileştirilmiş ürünlerin (mal ya da hizmet) pazardaki durumu Türkiye Grup H Türkiye Grup H
Ürün yenilikçisi girişimler 20,88% 9,42% 19,75% 10,46%
Ürün yenilikçisi girişimlerin Pazardaki durum - Girişim için yeni 82,76% 81,65% 83,38% 86,80%
Ürün yenilikçisi girişimlerin Pazardaki durum - Pazar için yeni 60,07% 47,84% 59,86% 43,46%

You can refer to the Data on Initiatives Making Product Innovations and Innovations in Group H that may be related to this data.


TUIK Innovation Research 2020, Market situation of new or improved products (goods or services), 2018-2020

TUIK Innovation Research 2018, Market situation of new or improved products (goods or services), 2016-2018

TUIK Innovation Research 2016, Market situation of new or improved products (goods or services), 2014-2016


  • Group H: Transport and Storage
  • Product innovation: Product innovations must provide significant improvements in one or more features or performance of the good or service. This includes adding new functionality and improvements to existing functional features or user friendliness. Relevant functional features include quality, specifications/specifications, reliability, durability, lifetime economic efficiency, affordability, suitability, usability, and user-friendliness. Product innovations do not necessarily improve all functions or performance features. An improvement or addition of a new function may be a combination of reductions in other functions or may involve reduction of some performance characteristics. New designs or design features are also considered significant improvements when they affect the usability of the product. For example, this significant improvement as a result of the design in question can improve the appearance or expression of the product, its usability, and thus create a positive emotional response in the consumer. It is sufficient to present a product innovation to potential users. Commercial success is not essential. Product innovations may take advantage of new knowledge or technologies or may be based on new uses of existing knowledge and technologies or a combination thereof.

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