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“Long-Term Non-Cash Loans in TL” for Group H-494 are increasing.

In the period of 2009-2019, “Long Term Non-Cash” loans in “TL” in Group H and logistics-related subgroups increased tremendously.

Share of Foreign Currency in Long-Term Non-Cash Loans for Group H for other data that may be relevant to this data. and Group H Long Term Non-Cash Loans in Foreign Currency .


Source: CBRT Real Sector Statistics, Sector Balance Sheets (2009-2019)

These data belong to “companies keeping books on a balance sheet basis” (As of 31 December).

  • Non-cash Loans: Letters of Guarantee, External Letters of Guarantee and Letters of Credit
  • Group H: Transport and Storage
  • Group H (Logistics & Freight): Group H-492, Group H-494, Group H-502, Group H-512, Group H-521, Group H-532
  • Group H-492: Freight transport by rail
  • Group H-494: Freight transport and transport services by road
  • Group H-502: Freight transport in sea and coastal waters
  • Group H-512: Air freight and space transport
  • Group H-521: Storage and warehousing
  • Group H-532: Other postal and courier activities

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