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“Long-term” loans obtained by Group H from abroad increased by 1193%

While the “long-term” loans obtained by Group H from abroad in the 2002-2020 period increased by 1193.26%, this increase was 459.67% for Turkey in general.

Short-Term Foreign Loans that may be related to this data data can be viewed.

Source: CBRT, Sectoral Breakdown of Private Sector Long-Term Foreign Loans (USD), December 2020

  • Group H: Transport and Storage
  • “x10 USD” for “Turkey” seen in the chart
  • Long Term: Includes loans with original maturity longer than 1 year.
  • Long-Term Loans Obtained by the Private Sector from Abroad: Long-term cash loans obtained from abroad by private banks excluding public banks, non-banking financial institutions and non-financial institutions (excluding Public Economic Enterprises) and real persons, bond issuances abroad and financing forms of imports in return for goods and commercial loans with maturities longer than one year (365 days), which are formed according to other deferred payment methods except payment against goods with acceptance credits.


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