Logistics Market Overview

‘Logistics Market Overview’ Report Published

The ‘Logistics Market Overview’ report, prepared on the axis of Turkey’s importance and potential in the logistics market, has been published. Within the scope of the report prepared by Cushman & Wakefield, the global leader of the commercial real estate consultancy market; It contains detailed information about the nearshore shipping trend, economic growth, export-oriented industrial base, strong retail market and the e-commerce sector that continues its rapid growth.

Some notable topics from the report are as follows:

Türkiye is becoming an attractive production center

The Covid-19 outbreak and the pandemic it created negatively affected all economic data; There were many global challenges such as industry, logistics sector, disruptions in supply chains, container and chip crisis. In the same period, Turkey is one of the countries that came to the fore in the search for alternatives to the Far East-based production network. Offering global market access at the intersection of Europe, Asia and Africa, Turkey stands out as a strong actor in global value chains with its business-friendly policies as well as its talented human resources, production capability and logistics infrastructure.

Lojistik Pazarına Genel Bakış

Türkiye attack from international investors

It is stated that Turkey has attracted 240 billion US dollars of international direct investment since 2003, and has become the R&D, design, production, logistics and management center of companies operating internationally. Turkey, which reached an International Direct Investment (UDY) figure of 14 billion liras in 2021, is stated in the report as evidence of recovery when compared to these levels and its pre-pandemic period performances.

Investments in logistics facilities in the field of e-commerce will increase

The ratio of e-commerce to total retail sales in Turkey increased from 0.6 percent in 2010 to 7.8 percent in 2021, and Turkey also created three unicorns with billion-dollar values in this field. In this context, it is anticipated that investments in technology, automation, transfer centers and regional warehouses will increase in parallel with warehouse development projects.

Source: www.cushmanwakefield.com