SCM and Logistics in Turkey’s Digitalization Roadmap

Supply chain and logistics are the weakest stage in the value chain of companies in digitalization.

The weighted averages of self-assessments made by enterprises in four areas related to supply and logistics management vary between 2.34 and 2.86 out of 5.

The average digital maturity value in the field of “field” and “warehouse management” is higher than the average of digital maturity in supply chain management, due to the absence or more limited data communication with other businesses.

The ratio of leaders (businesses that give their practices a 5 out of 5) ranges from %6-% to 11.

Dijital Teknoloji Kullanım Durumları

Dijitalleşme Alanları Beklenti Oranları (5 Üzerinden)
Tedarik Yönetimi 2,51
Müşteri Sevkiyatlarının Otomasyonu 2,84
Saha ve Depo Yönetimi 2,86
Paketleme 2,34

İşletmelerin Dağılımı

İşletmelerin Dağılımı Geride Kalanlar Takipçiler Liderler
Tedarik Yönetimi 49% 44% 7%
Müşteri Sevkiyatlarının Otomasyonu 38% 50% 11%
Saha ve Depo Yönetimi 32% 62% 6%
Paketleme 53% 39% 8%
  • Supply management : “Using integrated systems with suppliers”, “Coordination in production and delivery planning”, “Real-time order tracking”
  • Automation of customer shipments : “Advanced methods in optimization of freight, route, cost in shipments” and “Automation in shipment management and tracking”
  • Field and warehouse management : “Automation in the management of goods in the field / warehouse”, “Real-time tracking of entry-exit, stock levels”, “Autonomous robot use in stock / product transfers”
  • Packaging : “Providing the packaging with fully automatic machines”
  • Rating (1) Businesses that give their app 1 or 2 out of 5, with 5 as best practice
  • Rating (2) Businesses that give their app a 3 or 4 out of 5, with 5 as best practice
  • Rating (3) Businesses that give their applications 5 out of 5, with 5 as best practice
  • Scoring (4) Those who answered “not applicable” were not included in the calculations.