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There is a downward trend in the “Cost” and “Reward” indices for Group H.

For Group H, there is a decreasing trend in the “Cost” and “Earnings” indices.

Year 2021 1. For the quarter (January-March), the “Cost” and “Earnings” Indices in Group H increased much less than the “Cost” and “Earnings” Indices for Turkey.

You can refer to the Labor Input Index data for Group H that may be relevant to this data.

Source: TUIK, Labor Input Indices–I. Quarter: January – March, 2021, Labor Cost indices, 2018-2021

  • H- Transportation and Storage
  • Turkey in General: Turkey in general (Industry, Construction, Trade, Service)
  • Hourly Labor Cost: It covers the earnings and non-earning labor cost incurred by the employer in relation to the employment of wage workers. It does not cover other labor cost items such as vocational training, hiring, work clothes costs.
  • Hourly Earnings: Includes gross basic wage and salary payments, regular wages (monthly bonus, social assistance, etc.), overtime payments, irregular earnings (non-monthly bonuses, premiums, etc.).
  • Hourly Non-Earning Labor Cost: It covers other social security payments such as employer’s share premium deductions, severance and notice payments made to social security institutions.

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