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While the share of %22export%22 handling has increased in ports in Turkey, the share of %22import%22 handling has decreased.

The share of %22export%22 handling (tons) in the total handling at ports in Turkey was ‘.5’ in 2011 and 27.9% in 2020.

This share; It decreased from 47.8% to 45.7% for “import” purposes and from 17.7% to 14.7% for “transit” purposes. The rate of “cabotage” handling has not changed (slightly decreased).

In the 2011-2020 period, the highest increase in handling was for “export” purposes, by 54%. This is followed by handling for %22cabotage%22 and %22import%22 purposes, while handling for %22transit%22 purposes is underdeveloped. However, Turkey is in a very good position to become a %22transit%22 country.

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