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For “Group H-51” and “Group H-52” the “foreign control” rate is increasing.

While the rate of %22foreign control%22 is decreasing in Turkey, the rate of %22foreign control%22 in Group H and especially in %22Group H-51%22 and %22Group H-52%22 is increasing.

Source: TurkStat, Foreign Controlled Enterprise Statistics, Foreign control rate in departments and departments, 2015


  • A foreign-controlled enterprise is an enterprise that operates domestically but is directly or indirectly controlled by a unit located abroad. Foreign Control Ratio, the ratio of the total production value of enterprises under foreign control to the total production value in the activity group.
  • Group H: Transport and Storage
  • Group H 49: Land transport and pipeline transport
  • Group H 50: Water transport
  • Group H 51: Air transport
  • Group 52: Storage and supporting activities for transport
  • Group 53: Postal and courier activities

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