Enterprises in Group H with Innovation Efforts

25% of the startups in Group H carried out “innovation” work.

Only 25.29% of the enterprises in Group H carried out “innovation” work, which is a decrease of almost 50% compared to the 2014-2016 period.

Yenilik Faaliyetinde Bulunan Girişimler

Grup/Yıllar 2014-2016 2016-2018 2018-2020 2020-2022
Türkiye 61,53% 36,04% 38,55% 39,79%
Grup H 47,54% 23,71% 25,29% 26,06%
  • Group H: Transportation and Storage
  • Enterprise: It is a form of organization that produces goods or services using primary decision-making autonomy. The enterprise may engage in one or more activities. The relationship between the enterprise and the legal unit is expressed by the enterprise corresponding to either the legal unit or the combination of legal units.
  • Main Activity: If the enterprise has more than one field of activity, the main activity is the activity in which the most gross sales revenue is generated. If the gross sales revenue of more than one activity of the enterprise is equal to each other, then the activity carried out by the most employees is the main activity.
  • Innovation: The term innovation can refer to both an activity and the result of the activity. According to the general definition, an innovation is a new or improved product (goods or service) or process (or a combination of these) that is significantly different from a unit’s previous products (goods or services) or processes and is available to potential users or made available for use by the unit.