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Group H’s share of “Number of Enterprises”, “Employment” and “Turnover” in Turkey is decreasing every year.

Between 2011 and 2020, Group H’s share of “number of startups” and “employment of startups” and “turnover of startups” decreases every year in total “number of startups” and “employment in startups” and “turnover of startups” in Turkey.

Between 2011 and 2020, the %22turnover%22 development of enterprises in Group H was as much as Turkey’s overall, while the number of %22employment%22 of enterprises and especially the number of %22enterprises%22 remained below that of Turkey. Group H companies could not contribute to employment as much as Turkey in general.

Between 2011 and 2020, the “number of employment” per enterprise in Group H is ‘57% on average in Turkey, while the “turnover” per enterprise in Group H is 39% on average across Turkey.

Source : TurkStat, Entrepreneurship and Business Demographics, 2020 (Economic indicators of enterprises by sector, 2011-2020)

  • Group H : Transport and Storage
  • Business Demographics : It is a field of study where demographic movements related to startups are followed. In scope it is a subset of the Business Records annual data.
  • Initiative : Indicates initiatives active in any reference year. * It is the number of all units operating in the sectors and active in the reference period.*
  • Employment : It is calculated by adding the annual average number of wage earners, employers and partners, unpaid family members and apprentices.
  • Turnover : Turnover is the sum of sales of goods and services invoiced by the observation unit in the reference period.

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