A Look Back at 2020 With TIRPORT

The 100 Billion Dollar Turkish Logistics Sector is Entering 2021 with Hope

In Turkey, where every day around 450 thousand trucks perform FTL transportation, the number of trucks on the road is around 856. 1.2 Million SRC Certified truckers earn a living directly from their trucks. In our country where 90% of the goods are transported by highways, the freight fee in one day is over one billion TL in the transportation sector.

In 2020, Pandemic energized the Turkish logistics industry. Turkey, that is an important production base located next to Europe; with the increasing domestic and foreign demand, especially for food and hygiene, it started to increase its logistics performance again.

The total e-commerce in the retail market growth of more than 2 times and reaching 15% has greatly stimulated the logistics sector in terms of both FTL and cargo traffic in Turkey as well as all over the world.

According to the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) data; Global production of goods was around $ 18.9 trillion (with a decrease of 2.8%) in 2019. In 2020, this figure was around $ 18 trillion with a further decrease. The world economy is expected to rise again in 2021 and grow by 5%.

A Look Back at 2020 With TIRPORT

With the pandemic, the world is looking for its new normal. The most important metaphor of the new normal is digitization. If Turkey is to evaluate better the next 5 years; It can take important logistics initiatives based on criteria such as regional superiority, production power, and qualified workforce. It can increase its production and logistics power exponentially. Political stability, good relations to be developed in the international category; could turn the direction of foreign capital (as in 2006-2012) to Turkey again. Turkey can be one of the safe harbors looking for the investment capital in the world. 2021 could be an important exit point for a good start to all the opportunities.