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60% of enterprises in Group H do not have a website

According to 2020 statistics, website ownership of enterprises is very low in Group H and overall in Turkey.

This data also shows us that a large portion of the enterprises both in Group H and Turkey, ae under the required size for the website ownership, determined by the TCC.

The enterprises who own a website mostly use it for advertisement and PR purposes.

Services provided by enterprises with website ownership

Services provided by enterprises with website ownership(except social media platforms) Turkey Group H
Enterprises with website ownership. 53,75% 39,83%
Prices and information about goods and services. 98,69% 96,49%
Online ordering, reservation and registry. 11,94% 9,70%
Customization of goods and services according to requests of customer visiting the site.  11,77% 11,53%
Online order tracking. 10,50% 9,60%
Personalization of the web site contents for regular customers. 17,31% 22,86%
Linking to enterprises social media accounts. 53,22% 54,73%

Source: TURKSTAT, Use of Technologies in Enterprises Research, 2020

  • Enterprises using social media platforms are not included.
  • Total number might not add up to 100% as more than one option may be checked.
  •  Group H: Transportation and Warehousing
  •  TCC: Turkish Commercial Code

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