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Imports by rail increased by 81.45%.

In the period of 2013-2021, imports by %22railway%22 increased by 81.45%, while imports by %22airline%22 decreased by 14.15%, according to the import value.

Either a much larger quantity (total tons) of products was imported by rail, or the price of products imported by rail increased, or more expensive products were imported by rail (general acceptance in rail transport, low-priced and heavy or high-tonnage products were imported. is transported).


In the period of 2013-2021, according to the export value , exports by %22railway%22 increased by 15.65%, while exports by %22road%22 decreased by 13.91%.

Source: TUIK, Foreign Trade Statistics, May 2021, Export and Import by Modes of Transport (2013-2021 May)

  • These are the data for January – May 2021.
  • Import and Export value: US dollars

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