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%22Transportation and Storage%22 sector is not the first choice of graduates from departments related to %22Logistics%22.

In the 2014-2019 period, 16.82% of the graduates of the %22International Trade%22 department, which may be directly related to %22logistics%22, preferred the %22IP%22 sector as their first job.

While 21.49% of the graduates of the “International Trade” department chose the “Wholesale and Retail Trade” sector as their first job, 16.82% preferred the “IP” sector as their first job (“UD” means 2nd grade of graduates of this department. ‘th choice).

There is no “UD” sector among the top 5 choices of graduates from any other department, including “Industrial Engineering”.

In the 2014-2019 period, the majority of graduates from the departments of %22Pilotage%22 and %22Naval Engineering%22, which are directly related to the %22UD%22 sector, preferred the %22IP%22 sector.

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