TIRPORT Simplifies Logistics Operations Management

The world is undergoing a rapid technological transformation. Industry 4.0 applications deeply affect every sector. One of the sectors that will be most affected by digital transformation in the next 5 years will be “Logistics”.

Of the 22 trillion USD world trade volume, approximately 8.5 trillion USD is somehow related to logistics. The situation is not different in Turkey. Turkey has the largest truck market in Europe with its daily transport traffic of 450 thousand trucks, more than 850 thousand trucks on the roads, 1.2 million SRC certified truckers, and nearly 8 thousand large and small transport companies.

92% of transportation in Turkey is done by road. 1 billion TL transportation payment is made every day only in road transportation. The annual size of the logistics sector in Turkey is over 500 billion TL.


With the innovations it has implemented, TIRPORT gives logistics companies and cargo owners the power to manage all their operations end-to-end digitally, while enabling tens of thousands of trucks to quickly access their cargo from their mobile phones.

Truckers, who are members of TIRPORT, can instantly access the load whenever and wherever they want with the TIRPORT Load Mobile Application . It can make U-ETDS reporting from mobile with one click, and can issue e-invoice practically from within the application. With the Param TIRPORT card, which creates many added values from fuel purchases to discounted shopping, all payments can be tracked instantly.

TIRPORT, which currently manages more than 1,500 FTL transports per day, is running towards managing at least 30 thousand transports per day with 250 thousand active truckers in the next 3 years.

We can explain how TIRPORT simplifies logistics operations management and maximizes efficiency with the following example:

Turkey’s largest 10 logistics companies can transport an average of 1,500 FTL per day. Turkey’s largest logistics company, on the other hand, can carry out a maximum of 2,500 shipments per day and has a market share of only 0.5% in the market. In order to carry out a work of this scale conventionally, it employs approximately 7 thousand people, and has to drive nearly 2000 trucks per day from the spotlight, as well as nearly a thousand of its own and rented trucks.

Thanks to its high technologies, TIRPORT carries out 1,500 shipments per day with a team of only 23 people. The number of employees will not exceed 90 when it starts to manage 10 thousand uploads per day. It will have a 7% market share in the market. More than 10 times of the biggest logistics company in Turkey. Many logistics companies are still customers of TIRPORT. It is the technologies that TIRPORT has developed and made a part of the application that reveals this difference.


  1. To be able to monitor and manage all transportation operations in dashboard logic, 24/7 from the TIRPORT Corporate application on the mobile phone,
  2. Finding suitable trucks at the desired place and time, creating approved and safe trucker portfolios as a corporate user, and being able to recommend loads to them,
  3. Effective digital operations management that works and is managed from all platforms (web, iOS, Android),
  4. With the TIRPORT SSL link service, the customer waiting for the load has the opportunity to share a reliable link where they can watch the load and transportation information live,
  5. The power to pay for transportation 24/7 with Param TIRPORT card and electronic money infrastructure system.


  1. With the TIRPORT LoadCepte application, the opportunity to quickly reach the cargo suitable for the characteristics and expectations of the truck, at any place and time, and to bid,
  2. Being able to find a return load with the support of smart algorithms while still on the road,
  3. To be included in the “Reliable” portfolios of certain cargo owners and logistics companies, to be instantly informed about the cargo opportunities that will arise from them,
  4. With Param TIRPORT Card, you can receive transportation payments directly, follow current accounts on the basis of transportation and company, and use discounted fuel advantages,
  5. One-click U-ETDS reporting with TIRPORT YukCepte Application.

E-commerce giant Alibaba Group organizes the world’s largest startup competition every two years. More than 7,000 pre-approved Startups are competing from 17 different regions of the world, from the USA to Japan, from Russia to Africa. Regional finals are held first. The finalists from here compete with their Chinese rivals in the semi-finals in 14 cities in China. Global finalists emerge from the semi-finals and make their mark by buying tickets to the world finals in Hangzhou, the capital city of Alibaba Group.

The main purpose of the competition; Discovering 20 startups that have the potential to become Unicorns in the world and introducing them to the world.

TIRPORT entered 2019 as one of Create@Alibaba’s 20 finalists to become Unicorn. It is the first time that a startup from Turkey has achieved such a success.