The Innovative Face of Local Procurement: RAPIDCHAIN

Today, with the widespread use of e-commerce, there has been a significant increase in cargo service purchases. As in other service sectors, the quality of the service provided is important in terms of customer satisfaction and competitiveness in the transportation sector. In particular, the global COVID-19 Pandemic has greatly increased E-Commerce and Online transactions, leaving cargo companies in an inadequate situation in their services. Consumers are suffering more than before due to the long delivery times and delays. This situation, which is experienced due to reasons such as the abundance of shipments experienced in cargo companies, the increase in individual shipments and the unpreparedness of companies for this situation, affects both the cargo companies and the sending companies negatively and harms their brands. Firms implemented processes such as high working hours and personnel recruitment in order to meet this high demand on the consumer side, but it was not enough.

When we look at the manufacturer companies, logistics costs affect the product sales price between 4-20%. The activity with the highest cost in logistics costs is transportation. Transportation costs account for 50-65% of total logistics costs, and 20-35% for inventory and material handling costs. Therefore, every product that is kept extra in the warehouse and sent regardless of the location causes a lot of expense to the companies. For this reason, the industry needed a permanent and efficient solution.

At this point, TIRPORT , Turkey’s leading digital logistics platform, has implemented the local supply network RapidChain ( ) system by using the power of real-time and location-based technologies it has developed. implemented its infrastructure with the most efficient working process.

RapidChain is an innovative digital meeting platform that eliminates the logic of order and distribution management through a single warehouse, enabling orders to be obtained from the closest store/branch/office to the customer’s location, and turning the member companies of the system into a local supplier.

When we look at the operation of the system;

Contrary to the classical method, where the orders coming to the companies are packaged and distributed from a single main warehouse and the order delivery takes days, the RapidChain system aims to meet the customer’s needs from the closest place to the order point. According to the incoming order, the stock status of the closest member company in the city is checked and the availability of the products is confirmed, the missing products are supplied through the system and the customer order is completed. RapidChain has also integrated companies in small cities and towns into its local supply network, added it to its system as a local workplace, and enabled it to work in coordination with companies operating in the same category. Thus, it is aimed that all companies, regardless of size, benefit from RapidChain’s wide supply and customer network. In addition to establishing a wide supply network, RapidChain enables companies to manage customer orders easily and quickly by providing Corporate Store and CRM services from Web and Mobile applications, reduces the logistics costs of companies with its location-based technological infrastructure and prevents the formation of idle stocks, the product is the closest to the customer’s location. It creates high customer satisfaction by ensuring that it is supplied from the place in the fastest way.

RapidChain aims to improve the industry with digital systems by including Corporate Companies with Local storage service, E-Commerce Companies that want to increase their order power with local stores, Local Stores that want to increase the number of customers, and Individual Users who want to place orders online, into its wide supply network.