The 60 Billion Dollar Transportation Sector Is In Trouble!

In Turkey, Europe’s largest truck market, 850 thousand trucks are on the road every day. It receives an average of 450 thousand trucks per day.

The only bread and butter truck of 1.2 Million SRC Certified truckers.

In the last 10 years, economic conditions have rapidly transformed logistics companies from truck ownership and into freight organizers. There are large and small logistics companies in Turkey, the number of which reaches 8 thousand. In the vast majority of these, the truck ownership rate called “ÖZMAL” is below 5%. There are such big logistics companies operating in Turkey that make more than a thousand shipments a day that they do not even have a single truck of their own.

The entire load of the transport is on the backs of the truckers. Of the 20 trucks you see on the roads, 19 are privately owned. Especially in Anatolia, trucking is one of the most important breads.

Each of the 1.2 million truckers on the roads have sole proprietorships. Each of them is actually an SME. They issue 7-8 invoices a month and convert 20-25 thousand TL per month. Many of these companies have been in a quagmire for some time. 90% of truckers have zero credibility. All of them have tax and premium debts, GSM debts, credit debts, etc. These secret SMEs have no choice but to work.

These heroes already have the credit load of their truck on their shoulders. Most of them pay at least 8-10 thousand TL loans per month.

In order to find a load, they pace between the boards in the shipping sites in very bad physical conditions, they fight in order to unload their cargo on time despite the many obstacles they experience on the way. In order not to be idle on the way back, they stress %22return freight%22 early on, always have to look for %22cheap diesel%22 because freight charges kill the business. On the one hand, they are constantly longing for their families, on the other hand, they struggle to support their home. At the end of the month, they can hardly balance the loans of their trucks, they have to distribute commissions to brokers and logistics companies in order to find cargo. Often times they do not receive some of their money on time…

These people can’t make their voices heard, because they don’t have that kind of free time 🙁

News are being made all around these days; The crowded target at the Transporters Complex in Işıkkent, İzmir is shown as “no social distance”!

The problem of bread beats the fear of Coronavirus…

None of the economic packages announced include these hidden heroes! But;

  • If there are no truckers, who will transport the products produced by the factories to the markets? Do you know that every day, approximately 120 thousand trucks carry the goods going to the markets from the factories to the main warehouses of the markets?
  • If there are no truckers, to whom will the big logistics companies carry the goods they will buy from the factories? Do you know that 95% of the trucks you see on the roads are not the logistics companies, but the truckers themselves?!
  • If the shelves in the markets are empty, how will the governments manage the panic of the people? Do you know that sales in the markets have increased more than 2 times in the last 2 weeks due to the coronavirus?
  • Can you imagine that if the trucks in Turkey close their contacts for 3 days, it will create up to 25% emptiness on the market shelves in 2 weeks, and this will trigger social anarchy?
  • Can you estimate that the cost of 3 days of government funding for trucks on the roads will be over 3 billion TL?

It is necessary to take into account these 1.2 million workers in economic packages.

It has now become inevitable for the government to rapidly incorporate technologies that will facilitate the lives of truckers and enable them to reach their cargo in a faster and more practical way.

The logistics sector will be the sector where digitalization will be experienced most intensively in the next 5 years.

The coronavirus crisis, which spread rapidly in just 3.5 months and confined 4 billion people in 201 countries around the world, to their homes, has once again revealed what a vital role logistics plays for humanity.

Logistics technologies will become a part of life faster with this crisis.

TIRPORT ( ), the logistics technology startup originating in Turkey, which achieved worldwide success last year, hosts extraordinary technologies that bring together truckers, logistics companies and cargo owners on smart phones. TIRPORT, which currently manages more than 1,500 shipments per day and provides support to many logistics companies as an operation management technology, has artificial intelligence supported technologies that can find loads for truckers even from their homes, and organize their return load while on the road.

TIRPORT, which cares about and values the trucker, aims to be the first address of 200 thousand truckers when they are looking for cargo, with the TIRPORT LoadCepte application on smartphones.