Provinces as the Starting Point for Domestic Transportation

The highest number of vehicle exits in domestic freight transport is from the province of Kocaeli.

When the distribution of the starting points of heavy vehicles carrying domestic freight transport by provinces is analyzed, the highest exit is from the province of Kocaeli with 18.09%, followed by Istanbul with 16.66% and İzmir with 6.20%. Apart from these, the rates for many provinces are close to each other.

Yurt İçi Taşımada Başlangıç Noktası İller

İller Oran
Kocaeli 18,09%
İstanbul 16,66%
İzmir 6,20%
Adana 5,96%
Bursa 5,81%
Antalya 3,69%
Mersin 3,42%
Ankara 3,03%
Eskişehir 3,00%
Gaziantep 2,61%
Samsun 2,45%
Hatay 2,13%
Kayseri 2,02%
Diğer 24,94%

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