Postal Industry Development Index

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Turkey’s “Mail Development Index” score is declining.

Prepared by UPU, of which Turkey is also a member, countries’ mail sector (letter, postal parcel & cargo, express) speed, delivery time, international work with operators in other countries, the number of transactions, the number of infrastructures (such as the number of post offices), Covid-19. According to the Mail Development Index data, which evaluates 0-100 points according to criteria such as resilience to events such as -19, to innovate, Turkey ranked 48th among 170 countries with 53.66 points in 2017, and 47 points in 2020 with 51.51 points. ‘th place.

The top 10 countries in this list are respectively; Switzerland (100 points), Austria (95.35), Germany (94.22), Netherlands (92.74), Japan (90.46), France (86.58), USA (83.47), UK ( 81.81), Canada (78.58) and Singapore (77.90).

The postal sector, which employs 5.23 million people in 656,000 Post Offices in 170 countries, plays an important role in the socio-economic development of countries. Affordable and efficient universal postal services provide access to extensive communication and infrastructure networks of economic units (companies, individuals), significantly reducing transaction costs between them.

Postal Industry Development Index

  Turkey 2IPD Points Turkey 2IPD National Placement
2017 53,66 48
2018 55,20 42
2019 51,79 44
2020 51,51 47