With the year 2021, IOT, artificial intelligence and robotics are expected to become the 3 main trends of the logistics industry and become widespread.

According to the “Logistics A Breakdown on Startup Driven Innovation” report prepared by Startus Insights, in the light of data from 901 startups, 10 trend technologies that will be important to startups after 2021 are listed as follows:

  • IOT 17%
  • Artificial Intelligence 14%
  • Robotics 11%
  • Last-Mile Delivery 11%
  • Warehouse Automation 11%
  • Blockchain 10%
  • Data Analysis 9%
  • Cloud Computing 8%
  • Autonomous Vehicles 5%
  • Elastic Logistics 4%


After 2021, it is predicted that new logistics technology services with artificial intelligence and IoT infrastructure, procurement processes managed by robots, and blockchain or cloud-based payment methods will become widespread and this will change the startup ecosystems.

To the source report; You can access it from: https://www.startus-insights.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Logistics_Industry_Report_StartUs_Insights.pdf

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