Occupancy of Vehicles According to Where They Go in Istanbul

%40 of the urban freight vehicles in Istanbul are empty.

Approximately 40% of the vehicles going somewhere in the city are “empty”, 14% “half-loaded” and 14.8% are “less than 25% loaded” vehicles. This situation shows us that freight vehicles in Istanbul move with low occupancy and are used inefficiently.

34.4% of the vehicles going out of the city are “empty”,12.9% “half-loaded” and 9.7% “less than 25% loaded” vehicles.

8.5% of the vehicles going abroad are “empty”, 9.9% “half-loaded” and 2.3% “less than 25% loaded” vehicles.

Occupancy of Vehicles According to Where They Go (%)

Vehicle Occupancy Inner City Upstate Abroad
Empty 39,90% 34,40% 8,50%
Less than %25 Loaded 14,80% 9,70% 2,30%
%25 Loaded 10,90% 8,30% 2,70%
%50 Loaded 14,30% 12,90% 9,90%
%75 Loaded 6,60% 8,50% 9,70%
%100 Loaded 7,40% 15,00% 52,40%
Overloaded 0,30% 0,30% 0,40%
Don't Know/No Answer 5,80% 10,90% 14,10%
Total 100,00% 100,00% 100,00%

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For the “Field Study for Vehicle Counting” conducted within the scope of the Istanbul Logistics Master Plan, 25,190 questionnaires were conducted at 33 logistics focal points and 468,620 vehicles (235,641 in the entry and 232,979 in the exit direction) were counted.