Logistics Management Goes End-to-End Digital With TIRPORT

Bringing a worldwide digital platform to the logistics industry with the mobile-based technologies it has developed, TIRPORT is increasing its weight in the market with the critical agreements it has made as of the beginning of 2019.

TIRPORT has made its mark in the world finals in Hangzhou in November 2018 by being among the top 20 with its business model and technologies, in the competition organized by the e-commerce giant Alibaba for 3 years, where it has selected Startups with the potential to become billions of dollars among thousands of startups.

With the mobile-based technologies developed by TIRPORT, a manufacturer or logistics company can monitor their load and unloading stages step by step from their mobile phones, while managing all of their logistics operations remotely.

In addition, it can keep its trucker database digital and location-based in TIRPORT, create its own portfolios with reliable truckers, and instantly access suitable truckers according to availability. Just like ERP logic, it can manage the trucker database.


In Turkey, where 92% of the transportation is done by highways, 600 thousand trucks carry loads every day. In Turkey, Europe’s largest truck market, 850 thousand trucks are on the road. 1.2 million SRC certified drivers earn their living from this business. Hundreds of logistics companies, transport cooperatives, warehouses and thousands of subcontractors are engaged in freight organization and transportation.

“Payment” is one of the most critical processes in the transportation sector, where an annual amount of money is over 300 Billion TL. Because the rate of trucks belonging to the logistics companies, called “SELF-OWNED”, is below 5%. 95% of the trucks on the roads in Turkey belong to individuals. The entire operational load of the truck is also on the trucker’s back. For the trucker, the liquidity of payment and payment instruments is vitally critical.


Turk Para, the leading company of electronic money and payment systems, and TIRPORT , the shining technology company of logistics management, entered 2019 by announcing an important collaboration.

Focusing on the payment systems of the future, Turk Elektronik Para A.Ş. is the first payment company in Turkey to be accepted as a member of the Interbank Card Center (BKM) . Bringing many innovations to the sector, the company also has the privilege of being the first electronic money company to have TROY and Mastercard licenses.

TIRPORT , on the other hand, digitized its logistics management from end to end. With the mobile-based technologies it developed, it created a worldwide digital platform and brought it to the sector.

With this great cooperation, tens of thousands of truck drivers will be given TROY Logo Param TIRPORT Cards . From now on, transportation payments will be paid with electronic money with the assurance of TIRPORT and Turk Para.

Daily shipping payment amount in Turkey is over 800 Million TL. At least 1/3 of this amount is made directly in cash. The amount of daily cash payments made to truck drivers in Turkey is over 250 million TL.


With the mobile-based technologies it has developed, TIRPORT provides end-to-end monitoring of the cargo and transportation, while giving confidence to the cargo owner at all times. Turk Elektronik Para A.S. Guaranteed by TROY Logo ParamKart, it makes it possible to immediately access money or make payments from 2.9 million POS devices and thousands of ATMs in Turkey.

With the Param TIRPORT Card specially prepared for TIRPORT, tens of thousands of truck drivers get rid of payment tracking and suffering. Logistics companies and cargo owners can now make their transportation payments 24/7 directly to Param TIRPORT cards. Truckers will be able to track the payments made to them with the TIRPORT Mobile App.

With Param TIRPORT cards, cash can be withdrawn from all ATMs in Turkey, as well as discounted shopping from contracted fuel chains, thousands of contracted stores and workplaces. In addition, depending on user performance, credited cash advance, installment shopping etc. may also benefit from the services.

With this giant cooperation, it is aimed to reach over 10 thousand member businesses, integrate over 200 thousand truckers into the system and reach a daily transaction volume of over 10 million TL by the end of 2020.