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In group H-52, prices increased by 3.4% month-on-month and 69.6% annually.

In July, producer prices increasedby0.86% for Group H-49 and 3.42% for Group H-52, the third largest increase in group H-49 and 3.27% increase for group H-52, the third largest increase among the 6 %22Service Types%22 in total.

In July, producer prices increasedby21.53%for group H-49 and 69.59% for Group H-52, the second largest increase among group H-6 %22Service Types (line of business) with a 39.31% increase.

Source: TURKSTAT, H-PPI, Service producer price index by sector and exchange rate and Service producer price index, 2017=100, CPA 2.1 by sections and sections, July 2021

  • H-PPI: Service Manufacturer Price Index
  • Group H (H): Transport and Storage * Weight in H-PPI=43.03%
  • Group H 49: Land Transport and Pipeline Transport * Weight in H-PPI=26.18%
  • Group H 50: Waterway Transport * Weight in H-PPI=3.37%
  • Group H 51: Air Transport * Weight in H-PPI=6.34%
  • Group H 52: Storage and Supporting Activities for Transportation * Weight in H-PPI=5.96%
  • Group H 53: Postal and Courier Activities * Weight in H-PPI=1.18%

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