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The employment rate of “Women” in Group H is 9.26%.

The employment rate of “women” is 30.98% in Turkey and 9.26% in Group H.

The employment rate of “women” increased by 65% in Turkey and 136% in Group H in the 2004-2020 period.


Source: TURKSTAT , “Economic Activity Branches of Employed for 2014 and After Results (NACE Rev.2)” and “Economic Activity Branches of Employed by Years and Gender for 2005-2013 Results, Nace Rev.2” and for 2020 “annual” “Economic Activity Branches of the Employed (NACE Rev.2) – Economic activity branches of the employed by years and gender“

  • Employment: The entire non-institutional working age population included in the employed and unemployed group below is the employed population. Employees: Persons who are engaged in economic activity for at least one hour during the reference period as casual, wage-earned, salaried, self-employed, employer or unpaid family worker. Those who are not at work: Even though they are still connected to their job, they are accepted as self-employed and employers are accepted even if they are not at work for various reasons during the reference week.
  • Group H: Transportation and Storage Business Line

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