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While Turkey’s export “amount” increases, its export “unit value” decreases.

Although Turkey exports 61.62% more “amounts” compared to the 2013-2021 September period, and the “value” of exported products decreased by 7.00%.

Dış Ticaret Endeksleri

  İhracat Miktar İhracat Birim Değeri İthalat Miktar İthalat Birim Değeri
Eyl.13 97,1 113,2 98,2 122,0
Eyl.14 102,9 111,0 100,7 119,7
Eyl.15 97,9 97,8 92,6 96,5
Eyl.16 94,3 95,9 94,9 92,6
Eyl.17 98,7 99,8 116,5 100,2
Eyl.18 124,8 97,1 91,6 103,8
Eyl.19 129,0 94,1 96,7 98,4
Eyl.20 134,9 94,1 121,2 96,5
Eyl.21 156,9 105,3 110,0 119,1
2013-2021 Değişim 61,62% -7,00% 12,06% -2,40%

Source : Foreign Trade Indices, September 2021 (Foreign Trade Unit Value Indices by Years and Months According to International Standard Trade Classification and Foreign Trade Quantity Indices by Years and Months According to International Standard Trade Classification)

  • Foreign trade statistics include the trade of goods crossing the border between Turkey and other countries, international trade in services is not included in the statistics.
  • Value (in US Dollars) : Value is the “statistical” value in foreign trade data. Customs tax etc. there is no tax.
  • Quantity : Net weight is compiled in kilograms for all products except natural gas and electricity. Some products are expressed in a second unit of quantity (meter, unit, square meter, etc.) according to the product type. Which product will be compiled according to which quantity type is published in the Customs Tariff Statistics Position book prepared by the Ministry of Commerce and published in the Official Gazette with the Decision of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey.

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