Car Ownership in Istanbul

39.46% of the vehicles moving for freight purposes in Istanbul are “Minivan” and “Panelvan” type vehicles.

Most of the freight vehicles (42%) belong to the sending company and 34% to the driver/person. The reason for this is the high individual ownership, especially in small vehicles.

14% of the freight vehicles belong to the transportation company, while the share of “belonging to the company receiving the load” is 10%.

İstanbul'da Araç Sahipliği

Gönderen Firmaya Ait 42,00%
Şahsa/Şoföre Ait 34,00%
Taşımacılık/Lojistik Firmasına Ait 14,00%
Alan Firmaya Ait 10,00%

For the “Field Study for Vehicle Counting” conducted within the scope of the Istanbul Logistics Master Plan, 25,190 surveys were conducted in 33 logistics centers and 468,620 vehicles (235,641 in the entry direction and 232,979 in the exit direction) were counted.