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The share of “road transportation” as an input in all product groups is 6.24%.

The share of “road transportation (Group H-49)” as input in all product groups is 6.24%; Share of “water transport (Group H-50)”, 0.68%; share of “air transport (Group H-51)”, 0.31%; The share of “storage (Group H-52)” is 1.71% and the share of “mail and courier (Group H-53)” services is 0.36%.

Group P85 had the most “road transport” as input, except for Group H (this may be due to “school buses”).

Except for Group H and Group P85, the maximum number of “road transportation”, “water transportation”, “air transportation”, “storage” and “mail and courier” services for freight purposes can be in Group G46 at most.

For other data that may be relevant to this data, you can refer to Logistics Activities as Input Within Products and Breakdown of Total Logistics Input Within Products.


Source : TurkStat, Supply and Usage Tables, Input-Output Tables, 2012


  • The % ratio of values with x 1.000 TL was taken.
  • A01: Agricultural and hunting products and related services
  • A02: Forest products and related services
  • A03: Fish and other fishery products; seafood; supporting services for fishing
  • B: Mining and Quarrying
  • C10-C12: Food, beverages and tobacco products
  • C13-C15: Textiles, apparel, leather and related products
  • C16: Timber, wood products and cork products (excluding furniture); products made of straw and knitting materials (reeds, straw, etc.)
  • C17: Paper and paper products
  • C18: Printing and recording services
  • C19: Coke and refined petroleum products
  • C20: Chemicals and chemical products
  • C21: Basic pharmaceutical products and preparations
  • C22: Rubber and plastic products
  • C23: Other non-metallic mineral products
  • C24: Base metals
  • C25: Fabricated metal products, excluding machinery and equipment
  • C26: Computers and electronic and optical products
  • C27: Electrical equipment
  • C28: Machinery and equipment nec
  • C29: Motor vehicles, trailer (trailer) and semi-trailer (semi-trailer)
  • C30: Other means of transport
  • C31_C32: Furniture and other manufactured goods
  • C33: Installation and repair of machinery and equipment
  • D35: Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning
  • E36: Natural water; water treatment and supply services
  • E37-E39: Sewage services, sewage sludge; collection, treatment and disposal of waste; recovery of substances; remediation services and other waste management services
  • F: Constructions and civil works
  • G45: Wholesale and retail trade and repair services of motor vehicles and motorcycles
  • G46: Wholesale trade, excluding motor vehicles and motorcycles
  • G47: Retail trade (excluding motor vehicles and motorcycles)
  • H49: Land transport and pipeline transport services
  • H50: Water transport services
  • H51: Air transport services
  • H52: Storage and support services for transport
  • H53: Postal and courier services
  • I: Accommodation and food services
  • J58: Publishing services
  • J59_J60: Motion picture, video and television program production services, sound recording and music publishing; programming and publishing services
  • J61: Telecommunications services
  • J62_J63: Computer programming, consulting and related services; information services
  • K64: Financial services (excluding insurance and private pension)
  • K65: Insurance, reinsurance and pension fund services, excluding compulsory social security
  • K66: Ancillary services to financial services and insurance services
  • L68B: Real estate services
  • M69_M70: Legal and accounting services; administration center services; administrative consultancy services
  • M71: Architecture and engineering services; technical testing and analysis services
  • M72: Scientific research and development services
  • M73: Advertising and market research services
  • M74_M75: Other professional, scientific and technical services; veterinary services
  • N77: Rental and leasing services
  • N78: Employment services
  • N79: Travel agency, tour operator, other reservation services and related services
  • N80-N82: Security and investigation services; building and landscaping services; office management, office support and other business support services
  • O84: Public administration and defense services; compulsory social security services
  • P85: Education services
  • Q86: Human health services
  • Q87_Q88: Residential care services; social services provided without shelter
  • R90-R92: Creative arts, performing arts and entertainment services; library, archive, museum and other cultural services; gambling and co-betting services
  • R93: Sports services and leisure and leisure services
  • S94: Services provided by member organizations
  • S95: Services for the repair of computers, personal and household goods
  • Q96: Other personal services
  • L68A (Relative rent for self-residents) and T (Services of households as employers of domestic personnel), excluded

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