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Sole Resort Is Logistics

Today, the most important “success criteria” for the owners and shareholders of a company; growth, increase in market share and increase in profitability and their sustainability. Growth; It can be achieved by selling more to existing customers, gaining new customers…

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If you pay attention to the last two letters of the word Logistics, you can see that it is HR, that is, Human Resources (* Translated from Turkish. Acronym mentioned here is in Turkish language, which makes no sense in…

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Geography is Destiny

The phrase “Geography is Destiny” attributed to Ibn-i Khaldun is to explain the reason for the development level of countries and people living in these countries (unfortunately, their inability to advance and even fall behind), and to explain the sociological…

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Time Is Money

Ancient Greek writer and orator Antiphon “Of all expenditures, time is the most expensive”, A century after Antiphon, Aristotle’s successor Theophrastus “Time Is a Costly Expenditure”, Thomas Wilson in his “A Discourse Upon Usury (1572)” They say that time is…

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“What are the main problems faced by the logistics industry?” According to the answers given to the question, the most basic problems were stated as “Lack of Strategic Plan (53%)”, “Price-Oriented Competition (47%)” and “Qualified Human Resources (42%)”. In the…

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