10 Innovations Introduced by TIRPORT to the Logistics Industry

The world is undergoing a rapid technological transformation. The Logistics Sector is one of the sectors where this transformation will show itself most intensely in the next 5 years.

Of the 22 trillion USD world trade volume, approximately 8.5 trillion USD is somehow related to logistics. The situation in Turkey is no different. Turkey is the largest truck market in Europe with its daily transport traffic of 450 thousand trucks, more than 850 thousand trucks on the roads, 1.2 million SRC certified truckers, nearly 8 thousand large and small transport companies.

92% of transportation in Turkey is done by road. 1 billion TL transportation payment is made every day only in road transportation. The annual size of the logistics sector is over 500 billion TL.

Industry 4.0 transformation affects all sectors deeply. With digitalization, automation and dashboards, management turns into a power that makes the difference in all sectors, from production to service.

Digitizing its logistics management from end to end, TIRPORT carries the logistics company and cargo owner to industry 4.0 in terms of operation management, on the one hand, and brings together the truckers with technology with the TIRPORT LoadCepte Application. With TIRPORT, truckers can find their cargo, make U-ETDS reporting from mobile with a single click, and issue their e-invoice practically from within the application. Param TIRPORT, which creates many added values for it from fuel purchases to discounted shopping, can also track all payments from the card, moment by moment.


  1. Ability to monitor and manage all transportation operations in dashboard logic 24/7 from the TIRPORT Corporate Application on the mobile phone
  2. Finding suitable trucks at the desired place and time, creating approved and safe trucker portfolios as corporate users, and being able to recommend loads to them
  3. Effective digital operations management running and managed from all platforms (web, iOS, Android)
  4. With the TIRPORT SSL link service, the customer waiting for the load has the opportunity to share a reliable link where they can watch the load and transportation information live.
  5. The power to pay for transportation 24/7 with the PARAM TIRPORT card and electronic money infrastructure system.


  1. With the TIRPORT yukCepte application, it is possible to quickly reach the cargo suitable for the characteristics and expectations of the truck, at any place and time, and to bid.
  2. Finding the return load with the support of smart algorithms while on the road
  3. To be included in the “Reliable” portfolios of certain cargo owners and logistics companies, to be instantly informed about the cargo opportunities that will arise from them
  4. With the PARAM TIRPORT Card, you can receive transportation payments directly, track your current accounts on the basis of transportation and company, and use discounted fuel advantages
  5. One-click U-ETDS reporting with TIRPORT YukCepte Application
    TIRPORT, which digitizes the Logistics Management from end to end and enables the cargo to be monitored step by step; It aims to manage at least 30 thousand transports per day with 250 thousand active truckers in the next 5 years.