Supply chain challenges in recent years have spurred intense interest in supply chain resilience and technologies to digitally transform traditional processes. Today’s levels of disruption in global supply chains and price inflation have transformed existing notions of resilient operations. Challenges such as those from active conflict, severe weather, cybercrime, trade policy uncertainty and other risks, make improving supply chains’ resilience a key priority,


Now is the time to invest in your business, especially in supply chain digitalization. Why? Our industry research points to four key reasons:

  • Visibility
  • Automation
  • Competitiveness:
  • Cybersecurity:


    Supply chain remains in spotlight for many businesses. In our fast-paced, consumer-driven industry, sales opportunities are won and lost every season, if not every minute, based on a supply chain’s ability to deliver. Deliver what? Yes, it’s the age-old but still applicable answer: right product, right time, right place, right price, right quality. With heightened emphasis on sustainability, we easily might add “right supply chain visibility.”


    You’ll read more on this unfolding reality in this report.


    This report compiles feedback from approximately 350 of your peers, including professionals from the C-suite, operations, finance, sourcing and supply chain management, product development, retail operations, IT and e-commerce. Sixty-two percent either make or influence supply chain operations. Twenty-six percent contribute to supply chain operations.

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