TIRPORT , which is among the 3 leading digital platforms in Europe in the logistics sector, is growing abroad as well as in Turkey with the new technologies it has commissioned.

Leading the digital transformation of the Turkish logistics industry, TIRPORT is expanding abroad after its success in our country, with its business model that brings together all sides of logistics on smart phones and Uberizes logistics management. TIRPORT, which has become the technology preferred by leading European manufacturers in logistics operations management, is getting ready to operate in more than 20 countries in Europe after it started operating in 7 countries in Africa. The company, which has chosen the Netherlands as its operations management base in Europe, is preparing to establish a company in the Netherlands in the first half of 2021.

The Netherlands, the number one agricultural country in the world, is one of the 3 most important startup ecosystems in the world with the unique investment opportunities it provides to technology companies. Booking.com, the world’s largest online accommodation and travel platform with a brand value of 70 billion dollars, Adyen, a digital payment system of 50 billion dollars, ASML and NXP, which are among the important players of the semiconductor industry with a total value of over 100 billion dollars, have attracted attention with their investments in health technology in recent years. It is noteworthy that Philips of 60 billion dollars and Shell Ventures, which invests in the technologies of the future with an investment budget of over 50 billion euros, are based in the Netherlands. Apart from these, multinational global companies such as KPMG, ING Bank, famous beer producer Heineken and Unilever, one of the world’s largest retail suppliers, are also of Dutch origin. Wetransfer, a cloud-based data transfer platform, GitLab, where open source projects can be created, managed and shared, and Python, which stands out especially in artificial intelligence coding, has the Dutch signature.

The growth of TIRPORT, Turkey’s most important infrastructure provider digital platform that opens to the global market, continues at full speed in the country and abroad. Many European digital freight suppliers; It seeks to develop cooperation with TIRPORT in order to benefit from TIRPORT’s end-to-end logistics operation management, trucker database management and location-based, real-time loading and unloading reporting services.

TIRPORT has implemented digital solutions that will minimize the effects of the Pandemic with its high technologies and has increased its business volume more than 3 times in the last 8 months. It has become one of the three logistics technologies in Europe. TIRPORT, which started its operations in 7 countries in Africa in the past months, is getting ready to serve in more than 20 European countries in 2021 with the cooperation it has developed with digital freight brokers in Europe. With this action, it also aims to be the platform of the logistics bridge between Europe and Turkey, which is one of the most important production bases feeding Europe. There is a daily traffic of 70 thousand trucks between Turkey and Europe. TIRPORT is also a candidate to be an ecosystem that will bring together all the actors of this traffic and create value.

With its company planned to be established in the Netherlands, TIRPORT aims to manage its European operation from Europe and become a global actor in the region. Arslan said, “Within 3 years, we aim to become a regional power in our geography with the advanced technologies we have and to manage more than 40 thousand transports per day through our platform.” said. A TIR from Turkey to Europe can wait an average of 7-8 days for the organization of the return load. TIRPORT aims to reduce this time to less than 3 days with its technologies and collaborations it has developed in Europe, and to save at least 200 million USD annually for logistics companies.

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