Group H – Electricity Consumption

Group H is the 8th business line with the highest “electricity” consumption among 20 business lines.

Group H, with 2.18% in 2017, has the highest electricity comsuption after “Group B”, “Group C”, “Group D”, “Group E”, “Group F”, “Group G” and “Group I” business lines.

In Group H, there is an increase in “electricity” consumption for “production of goods and services” and “space heating and cooling”. Could this be due to a more temperature-controlled service?

Total Electricity consumption (MWh)

Total Electricity consumption (MWh)
  Turkey's All Economic Activities Group H Production of goods and services Space heating and cooling Ventilation Lighting and electrical office equipment Transport   Group H / Turkey
2014 124.004.527 3.209.315 46,03% 4,25% 5,13% 22,96% 21,63%   2,59%
2017 138.804.506 3.031.784 53,23% 9,90% 4,26% 25,19% 7,43%   2,18%

Group H: Transport and Storage
Group B: Mining and Quarrying
Group C: Manufacturing
Group D: Production and distribution of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning
Group E: Water supply; sewage, waste management and remediation
Group F: Construction
Group G: Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
Group I: Accommodation and food service activities