Factors That Provide New Customer Acquisition in the Logistics Sector

“Customer Relations” is the most important factor for gaining customers.

In the survey conducted in UTIKAD’s “Trends and Expectations in the Logistics Sector 2019” study, the question “What are the most important factors that enable new customers to be gained?” The majority of the participants answered the question “Customer Relations”.

On the other hand, it is thought-provoking that, despite complaints about “price competition”, the “competitive price” factor in customer acquisition is 44.44%, and while investment is primarily planned for “technology”, the “technology investment” factor for “customer acquisition” is 31.11%.

Yeni Müşteri Kazanılmasını Sağlayan Faktörler

Yeni müşteri kazanılmasını sağlayan en önemli faktörler nelerdir?
Katma Değerli Hizmetler 46,67%
Teknoloji Yatırım 31,11%
Network Bağlantıları 42,22%
Müşteri İlişkileri 66,67%
Rekabetçi Fiyatlar 44,44%