Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics is witnessing significant growth owing to the rapid increase in the volume of business data across various industries such as retail, manufacturing, consumer goods, healthcare, and transportation.

Top 10 Supply Chain Trends

Industries across the globe continue to battle the Great Supply Chain Disruption. They’re striving to optimize execution, diminish risk, improve dexterity and identify ways to gain a real competitive advantage.

Global Supply Chain Risk Report

For years, ever-expanding and more
efficient supply chains were like magic
oil lubricating the global economy.
They kept delivering cheaper goods,
wider choice and higher economic
growth. Until the pandemic hit and
many of the chains got stuck.

Supply Chain Trends & Technology

Supply chain remains in spotlight for many businesses. In our fast-paced, consumer-driven industry, sales opportunities are won and lost every season, if not every minute, based on a supply chain’s ability to deliver.

TIRPORT 2022 Raporu

TIRPORT’la 2022’ye Bakış

2022'de global üretim hacmi 30 trilyon doları, Lojistik pazar büyüklüğü ise 5,2 trilyon doları geçti. Pandemi sonrası Türk Lojistik Sektörü hem taşımacılıkta hem de depolamada büyümeye devam ediyor. Pazar büyüklüğü 100 milyar doların üzerinde.


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